Miranda Hart’s “Peggy&Me”

Put the kettle on, draw the curtains and make yourself comfortable: the all-charismatic comedian Miranda Hart is back with her new book Peggy & Me. Now, I know what you are probably thinking, “Oh, a book about a woman and her dog, sounds SO exciting… NOT”, and to this I must retaliate with the well-known cliché idiom “never judge a book by its cover”. No really, please don’t.
You see, it is not simply a book about Miranda and Peggy… Bear with. Following Miranda’s own rise to fame, from her struggle in writing the pilot episode of her sitcom to her stand-up comedy arena tour, it recounts a human-dog relationship filled with love and loyalty. Indeed, on countless occasions, Peggy acts as the moral compass that guides her owner through the emotional rollercoaster that is most commonly known as “life”.
Having just ended a long-term relationship, heart-broken Miranda was not ready for any new experiences. However, on the set of the television series Not Going Out her eyes met with those of the ‘Pegster’ (cue the flying sparks and floating hearts). Little did she know at that time, that adorable puppy would soon become the yin to her yang.
Through hilarious canine shenanigans and bullet pointed lists, I found myself immersed from the very beginning, each page being full of relatable anecdotes and thoughts, the pinnacle of which is arguably the Dogs Versus Cats debate that features half way through. I mean, we’ve all thought about it at some point, haven’t we?
The whole book is one big vacillation between self-acceptance and self-denial, as Miranda attempts to come to terms with her own character and personality. This, in turn, can be both irritating and endearing for the reader, as the self-deprecating attitude of the author can, at times, become grating. At others, however, it has a way of plucking at the readers’ heartstrings, as Miranda’s own heart-felt life experiences are precisely what humanise her work.
Whether with pets or people, our social nature is one that naturally craves companionship. We would all love to say “It’s you and me against the world” to someone, like Miranda does with her little one.
Peggy, who even has her own voice at times in the book, is a fluff ball full of life and love. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be both irritated and inspired. Through Miranda’s own personal experience with her true-life companion, she encourages the reader to live in the moment and most importantly, to be more accepting of their appearance and life choices.
Whether an animal lover or merely a fan of the non-fictional comedy; it is a no-brainer. So go on, Peggy is eager to share her love with you too, what are you waiting for?


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